A better way to book practicals?

Today’s post is a short one about a web-based tool we use within our department to help with the logistics, planning and set up of practicals for all of our lessons.

The tool is called Lab Logger and it is something we were introduced to last summer. It is an online practical ordering system that we use within our department to book practicals with our tecnician team.

Vimeo Video:

I can log in to the system and book all my pracitcals for the coming days or weeks. I remember in previous roles where the booking system was small pieces of paper clipped onto a large board in the chemical room. This had a few drawbacks;

Below is my weekly calendar for earlier in the year.

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 17.13.28


  • I can quickly and at a glance see what experiments I have for the coming week.
  • I can plan in when I need to practice certain practicals if it is the first time of me doing them.
  • I can book practicals online on the train to or from school.
  • It stops the awkward moment of double booking out equipment, now I can adjust lesson order to ensure pupils can get an engaging lesson.

Below is the status bar that helps with our organisation in the tecnician’s room. Here I can see the status of my practical order. Very useful from our technician’s point of view when it comes to organising the prep room and all the practicals:

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 17.13.47

So if you don’t already, Lab Logger might be a better system to use to ensure smooth booking, planning and delivery of your new GCSE science practicals.

Click here to try Lab Logger free for one year


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